Why is golf important
for your business?

You already invest in golf as part of your company culture and value golf as a critical business development activity. Golf is much more than a game…it is the great equalizer, an activity that anyone can participate in. Just a few hours on the course enables your employees to build business relationships that lead to business opportunities.

For many businesswomen, golf has remained an illusive business building tool. Catalyst, a prestigious research firm dedicated to expanding opportunities for women in business, conducted a study about women in the workplace.

Among several answers, the results found that 46% of women surveyed cited “exclusion for informal networks” as the biggest impediment to reaching their career goals.

Golf was cited as one of the primary informal networks from which women felt excluded.

Golf increases the value of a woman’s career and brings increased value to your business and your bottom line. How much value? Consider this:

  • 54% of corporate professionals use golf as a business development tool
  • 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf
  • 71% of Fortune 100 CEOs stated they conduct business with someone they played golf with
  • 25% of business decision makers play golf.

According to a survey of five hundred women golfers:

  • 73% of businesswomen surveyed agree that playing golf has helped them develop business relationships and network for business.
  • 52% agree that golf has enhanced their risk taking abilities.
  • 50% in executive level positions agree that being able to talk about golf enables them to be more successful.

Women make up 50% of the working population yet only 23% of all golfers are female. WE Golf is here to improve these stats and to increase¬†opportunities for growth…both for your female employees and your company.


    • Increased business opportunities and sales pipelines
    • Improve recruiting opportunities
    • Improve employee retention
    • Improves employee performance
    • Enhance company brand
    • Increased PR opportunities
    • Demonstrates commitment to women’s equality in the workplace

    • Increase in employee performance and goal setting opportunities
    • Increased opportunity for advancement
    • Increase in company committment
    • Improves employee performance
    • Happier at work
    • Increased opportunity for team building

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