What is WE Golf?

Women’s Executive Golf is an instructional golf program designed to prepare your employees to play golf. We focus on the benefits of golf to drive business and accelerate career development.

WE Golf caters to companies who support golf as part of their company culture. With our one-of-a-kind golf programs, we ensure the businesswomen in your workplace are prepared to join their colleagues, clients, partners and vendors in a round of golf.

Participants who complete our program are confident, courteous and knowledgable golfers.

All of our golf programs are instructed by experienced coaches and staff who focus on ensuring program participants are well prepared to play a round of golf.

WE Golf’s programs include the following basic golf principles:

Class Room Instruction:
  • Introduction to the Golf Course: the tee box, the fairway, the green, the rough and the hazards
  • Introduction to Golf Clubs: the woods, the irons, the wedges and the putters
  • Introduction to Golf Scoring: the scorecard, penalties, points and handicap
  • Introduction to Golf Lingo: birdie, bogey, eagle, double bogey, and double eagle
  • Introduction to Golf Etiquette: in short, it’s about respect
  • Introduction to the Rules: play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, if you can’t do either, do what is fair
Golf Instruction:
  • Driving learning tee shots from the teeing ground, using your drivers
  • Fairway Shots learning to take shots with your irons
  • Bunker Shots learning to use your wedge in the hazards
  • Chipping/Pitching learning to take your ball from the fairway to the green
  • Putting learning to sink your ball in the hole
Game Preparation:

During a typical 4 hour golf game, the ball is only truly in play for about 5 minutes. That means the people who are playing together have more than ample time to get to know one another…you’re walking the fairway or driving in the cart with your partner. This time on the course is opportune for getting to know the people you’re playing with and discuss topics relevant and/or beneficial to them.

In addition to golf instruction, our curriculum focuses on the all important moments in between hitting the golf ball including, communication skills, interpersonal skills, stress management, and relationship development, just to name a few.