We have relationships with private and public golf courses all over Southern California. Most golf course/club owners welcome the opportunity for WE Golf to host a program at their location.
There’s a big difference between our program and a golf coach. We focus on coaching your employees how to play golf and how to integrate golf as part of professional development opportunities. There’s a positive ROI associated with golf and we teach participants how to take advantage of it.
Absolutely. Most golf course/club owners welcome the opportunity for WE Golf to host a program at their location. WE Golf is beneficial for clubs/owners because it introduces prospective players to their facility.
Most certainly. The most common request we receive is to add a Keynote Speaker to the agenda and/or team building activities. You can also customize:

  • Experience level for coaching (beginner, intermediate or expert)
  • Incremental classroom topics that meet the objectives of your organization (business relationship development, negotiation skills, communication skills, etc.)
  •  Day of the week the program is held
  • Time of day the program is held

Our goal is to provide a program that enables our staff to teach your organization how to play golf. We’re accommodating to ensure your staff experience a productive program.

Of course! Participants are welcome to bring their own equipment if preferred.
Each program cost is based on these factors:

  • Total number of participants
  • Golf Course
  • Transportation

In order for us to provide you with an all inclusive price, we must incorporate the aforementioned. Just give us a call and we’ll run the numbers. We’re confident this is an investment that pays off.

Yes. Most of our programs require at least 6 participants to book the program.
We can but our preference is to honor golf as a business activity. Golfers who play in a business setting almost always do so during the week. So long as you’re golfing with a co-worker, vendor, partner, customer or prospective customer, it’s a weekday activity.

Our program is an educational investment for your staff. Show them you’re serious about investing in them by offering it Monday-Friday.